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Ron R@RetiredGuy
July 18, 2020

My GF sent me a couple of videos of doctors "proving" that masks do not affect blood oxygen levels. In one of the vids the doc wore six masks with no change in blood O2 and that looked impressive but I suspect there's plenty of air leaking around the mask. In both vids subjects were sitting in an air-conditioned environment.

A couple of weeks ago I helped a friend move some furniture and other stuff into a new house. I was wearing a cloth mask and it became drenched with sweat. At one point I was almost gasping for breath. I had to stop and take the mask off to recover.

I think I was waterboarding myself with the sweaty mask. I'd like to see the docs repeat those videos outdoors on a warm day while doing moderate exercise and see if there's any difference in the O2 readings.

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Hello new followers, I hope I don’t disappoint you. I want this place to feel like home, where we can escape the Thunderdome and process the world. Where we can post dog pics and recipes and book recommendations. Where we support each other as we get sober, lose weight, embark on new business opportunities, creative endeavors, relationships and travels. I want this to be your oasis of sanity and laughter in an increasingly mad world. A creative outlet where you can share your spirit with us.

We might not have any control over the news cycle—but we can control our habits and attitude. It all starts with us. And hopefully a little piece of that will start here.

I watched Clash of the Titans for the first time last night and it was great!

I am a decade late and the CGI showed that, but I loved it.

Morning Pham,

45deg here. Just cold enough for a fire.

Hope you all have a great day!

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