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Had a good chat with an Uber rider today.

We were talking about the morality of abortion and she had an interesting take I’ve never really thought of before.

If a baby is a choice, then that human is a choice for their entire life. In whatever environment they’re in. If we’re all just choices then the government has the right to turn all tax money sucking people into fertilizer because the government can have a choice to do whatever they want with you. Since your within the nation like a baby is with within a female human. They can choose to kill you for being inconvenient, they can strip your citizenship, they can tell you who to breed with for generic reasons, all because your a choice, and someone has too make decisions about you.

In the end, every human is nothing but a choice, similar to what is for dinner, is demeaning to humanity.

I’m still trying to process the discussion. What are your guys thoughts?

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