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In today's episode of "Why Am I Just Now Learning About This?", I just learned about America's own Joan of Arc, Deborah Sampson.

Ms. Sampson was a young woman who posed as a man named "Robert Shirtliff" in order to fight in the American Revolution. From the article: "Her skills included basket weaving, and light carpentry such as producing milking stools and winter sleds.[5] She was also experienced with fashioning wooden tools and implements including weather vanes, spools for thread, and quills for weaving.[5] She also produced pie crimpers, which she sold door to door.[5]"

In a battle outside Tarrytown, NY, she took two musket balls to the thigh and sustained a cut on her forehead, then, out of fear she would be found out as a woman, she left the hospital she had been taken to after the battle and removed one of the musket balls herself. The other was too deep to be removed, and she walked with a limp the rest of her life.

Eventually, after the war was over, she was ...

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Dear Pham I have a bone to pick with y'all .... it has come to my attention not enough of you are touching our dear leaders bells and buttons.... at least on youtube.... so for some therapy log into you tube and please like Bridget's work... we need to feed the algorithm

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