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So I was ubering at thr airport today and I picked up a dude wearing a MAGA hat. In trump country Ohio you don’t see maga hats ever. You see trump flags in the More rural areas but ppl don’t walk around with MAGA stuff on. He was was a Latino guy from L.A, prob like 25. And I go “nice hat” too which he goes “ya bro I identify as white” which I say “ya we don’t care around here, all that matters is if you’re an Ohio state Buckeyes football fan or not”.

But it made me realize. “I identify as” is not a current phrase in the Ohio English dialect. Like it’s not something we even think about. Even the lgbtq ppl around here use “I AM”. and Columbus is one of the gay capitals.

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Hello new followers, I hope I don’t disappoint you. I want this place to feel like home, where we can escape the Thunderdome and process the world. Where we can post dog pics and recipes and book recommendations. Where we support each other as we get sober, lose weight, embark on new business opportunities, creative endeavors, relationships and travels. I want this to be your oasis of sanity and laughter in an increasingly mad world. A creative outlet where you can share your spirit with us.

We might not have any control over the news cycle—but we can control our habits and attitude. It all starts with us. And hopefully a little piece of that will start here.

Happy Saturday Phamily! I still get up at my normal time on Saturdays for the most part,but getting out of the bed is a process of negotiation. Any whose it - falling in for Dawn Patrol a little later than normal. Good Morning Friends!☕

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My therapist ended our session today by saying, "Stay safe and pray for America" and I felt that was a pretty ominous way to leave things tbh.

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