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Hi everyone,

Recently I've been watching different series from Indy Neidell (US historian), and just now completed series "Cuban Missile Crisis".

An additional episode is "The Submariner's Tale", a letter / diary of a Russian submariner, on a submarine B-59, that was on it's way from Soviet Union to Cuba. It made quite an impression on me and thought to share it with you.

It's a good reminder that we are all the same, regardless on which "side" we think we belong to.

Historical trivia: this submarine played most critical part in getting to the edge of nuclear war and one man alone on the sub prevented the end of the world. The events that happened in B-59 became known to the public only after 2000. Submarine captain who, just like part of his crew, suffered from CO2 poisoning, ordered to fire one of T-5 nuclear torpedoes into US fleet that was chasing them. It was commander Vasily Arkhipov who confronted the captain and ...

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lol the internet is glorious

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