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June 11, 2020

I guess it's music day, eh?

"Range Life" - Pavement

This sentiment seems appropriate in current history, particularly to us city folk. They sound so jangly and sweet! Except for the most immaculately lazy and scornful f-word you could ever hope to hear. I included an audio only clip because the music video obnoxiously bleeps it. It's not the same song without it.

Music history: Billy Corgan is a snowflake. Because of the reference to Smashing Pumpkins in the third verse, which isn't much of a diss, if at all, Corgan threw a shitfit and threatened to walk on Lollapalooza if Pavement weren't axed from the line-up. Pumpkins being titanically popular in the mid-90s, of course he got his way. And they say artists are temperamental narcissists with embarrassingly crippling insecurity.

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Hello new followers, I hope I don’t disappoint you. I want this place to feel like home, where we can escape the Thunderdome and process the world. Where we can post dog pics and recipes and book recommendations. Where we support each other as we get sober, lose weight, embark on new business opportunities, creative endeavors, relationships and travels. I want this to be your oasis of sanity and laughter in an increasingly mad world. A creative outlet where you can share your spirit with us.

We might not have any control over the news cycle—but we can control our habits and attitude. It all starts with us. And hopefully a little piece of that will start here.

Unedited version of this week's #DumpsterFire is gonna be better than the edited imho. Well worth your five bucks just to hear my story of how I died of embarrassment at a dinner party.

About to shoot and it’s already...

...a #DumpsterFire

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