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@torrma75 | California, USA
Member since September 06, 2020
So, where to start. Father of 3 great kids, now young adults. Daughter and two boys. Served 4 years in Air Force, Las Vegas mostly. I'm orginally from The LBC. Joined a band for a minute. Raised my kids in San Diego, til I bottomed out. Started a new life in Albuquerque. Found a spiritual life that keeps me sane. Moved back to Cali, watch my kids graduate from HS and College. Ok,this is the lamest bio, if u made it this far I'm sorry. Let's wrap it up. I'm a dude that's sarcastic, skeptic, makes fun of everyone, self included. Don't drink dont smoke what do u do? Do family friend stuff, travel. Find weird stuff along the way. As is life
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