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Mark Vasto

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Member since September 28, 2020
Writer. Singer. Father. Retired journalist and restaurateur. PFC in the proud service of the Phetasy Dawn Patrol. Knight of Columbus. Not in that order. Director of the St. Catherine Corps, an emergency relief charity for the homeless and distraught. Special Mission Manager for The Barbara Pyle Foundation. I treat myself like an avatar, throw myself into random situations and like to share the stories. It’s not about me. If I offend you, I didn’t mean it so get over it. Or, fuck off. Whichever you prefer. In these dark times hit me up at if you need a shoulder. There is not one minute of the day you can ever feel bad calling me at 816-200-7271 if you need someone. I am not a counselor, but I promise to be an ear and offer any help I can, I will be there for you. I have lost too many and understand.
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